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Custom Builds

Discover how building your own home can open up the possibilities of choice and decision-making. Find out how a custom home can benefit you in so many ways, and get inspired by some of our great examples.

The homes in Oro Monte transform the lives of our partners, buyers, and communities by being affordable, flexible, and design-driven.

Our team will support you to create a new home you'll love. We'll help you choose the right homesite, so you can begin your journey towards building your dream home.

Your new custom built home will be placed upon a spacious 54,000 sq ft plot of land giving you the ability to make your dream home a reality.

Oro Monte Overview
Oro Monte

Oro Monte Overview


Cenizaro is an attractive build with 3 Bedrooms, 2 Full Bathrooms, 1,571 square foot residence on 3,806 - 7,439 square foot lots of land.  

Clubhouse Social area & Pool

The main social area sits in the middle of the home sites.  It offers residents the ability to: relax by the pool, grill at the BBQ hut or just rest and enjoy the rolling mountains.


Pochote is a fashionable 3 Bedroom, 2 Full Bathroom 1,485 square foot home on 4,010 - 5,171 square foot lots of land.


Oro Monte

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