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Health & Medical

Costa Rica has some of the best health care in Latin America. In addition, the country’s public and private health systems are constantly being upgraded with new hospitals, new equipment, improvements in staff training and bilingual capabilities.

With a government-sponsored network of more than 30 hospitals and more than 250 clinics throughout the country, the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social (CCSS) has the primary responsibility of providing low-cost health care services to the Costa Rican population. This system has worked well for Costa Ricans throughout the past 60 years. Foreigners living in Costa Rica – legal residents only – can join the CCSS and get free treatment (everything from checkups to prescription drugs to major surgeries) by paying a small monthly fee–based on income. Tourists and visitors can use Caja facilities only in emergencies but private hospitals and clinics are available 24/7 for any medical needs.

Hospital CIMA San José

Hospital CIMA San José

CIMA, 2020

CINDE, 2013

Non-Emergency Care, Naranjo

Around Naranjo, there are a handful of clinics that will welcome you for any emergency or non-emergency care. These include Clinica Grecia specializing in Cardiology, Dermatology, Dentistry, Cosmetics, Physiotherapy, Oncology and much more. San Francisco de Asis is a well equipped & professional public hospital funded by the CCSS is only 20 minutes from Oro Monte. It specializes in Pediatrics, Gynaecology, Traumatology, Psychology, Surgery, Laboratory and much more.

Three well-known private hospitals, Clinica Biblica (JCI Certified), Hospital CIMA (JCI Certified), and Hospital La Catolica, where many CCSS doctors practice in the afternoons and evenings, offer first-class, ultra-modern services. Affiliated with U.S. hospitals, these three private providers have costs somewhat higher than the public providers but still remain a high-quality level of training & professionalism.

Around Naranjo