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Dining & Shopping

Naranjo is one of Costa Rica's most pinnacle locations for fine dining and high quality shopping. To get a real taste and experience of Costa Rica's culture, various tratiodional restaurants serving casados, chifrijos, ceviche and pinto breakfasts. Submerge yourself in this tropical paradise and become one with the "Pura Vida" lifestyle.

Nearby Naranjo offers a wide range of shopping experiences. For your day-to-day needs, Naranjo has several large supermarkets which sell typical packaged goods, produce and meats. Other Naranjo amenities include: R&M – large hardware store, Farmers Markets, Bakeries, Bicycle Shops, Three Banks – Banco Nacional, Banco de Costa Rica, & Banco Popular, Clothing shops, Show Stores, Pharmacies – Montesoll & Nelma, VIP Internet Café, Post Office, Police Station, Red Cross, and More!

Multiplaza Escazú

Multiplaza Escazú

Dining Naranjo


Costa Rica being the epicentre of Central America gives it access to a wide variety of cultures and traditions. MasQSabor translates into "More Than Flavour" is one of the people's favourite restaurants in Naranjo.

At an affordable price range, this healthy, Mexican and Latin restaurant offers a vast range of foods such as burritos abundant in flavour, succulent tacos and refreshing natural beverages.


At an average of 5 stars and 232 reviews, Chepe's is one of Naranjo's local's favourites International fusion cuisine restaurants.

Chepe's serves burgers, pizzas, grilled sandwiches, pies and much more...

La Casa de Miguel

An excellent place for all occasions. Delicious menu, with a great variety of dishes for all tastes and with excellent prices. La Casa de Miguel has a meeting room, cafeteria area, Bar and Terrace.

Serving food classics such as juicy ribs, fresh seafood and warm hearty traditional soups

Around Naranjo

In San José

San José’s central shopping corridor is bounded by Avenidas 1 and 2, from about Calle 14 in the west to Calle 13 in the east. For several blocks west of the Plaza de la Cultura, Avenida Central is a pedestrian-only street mall where you’ll find store after store of inexpensive clothes for men, women, and children. You may also find a lot of street vendors depending on the day and season. Most shops in the downtown district are open Monday through Saturday from about 8am to 6pm. Typically, sales and import taxes have already been figured into the display price.

Multiplaza Escazú

Multiplaza is a large shopping mall located along the Santa Ana Highway in Escazú, and it has something for everyone, including a number of designer favourites such as Kenneth Cole, Lacoste, Diesel, Calvin Klein and even Oscar de la Renta, as well as a surprisingly modern selection of up-and-coming but still upscale boutiques. Mall goers can easily spend a leisurely morning perusing the wares of both local department stores and international chain stores. If that isn't enough, this sprawling complex also houses two movie theatres, several nice restaurants, a vast food court and a large supermarket.


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