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The Costa Rican educational system is very similar to the United States. It consists of 4 main levels: preschool, primary, secondary school and high school. MEP "Ministerio de Educación Publica" (Ministry of Public Education) has made school obligatory by law for all children. Due to this Costa Rica has one of the highest rates of literacy, educational coverage, and public spending on education in Latin America and the best in Central America, making it one of the best in the Americas. 

International private schools and MEP public schools have a brilliant reputation are spread all over the country. Most schools in Costa Rica are also fully bilingual to cope with the rapid expansion of tourism.

Country Day School

Country Day School

Aerial Photo, 2016


Local Naranjo's bilingual school has over 35 years of schooling experience. 

Methodology: "We employ pedagogical strategies that facilitate the integral development and learning process of each of our students, enhancing their abilities and strengthening their capacities to achieve satisfactory growth in the various areas of human development." (CENABI, 2021)

Their STEAM program focuses on innovation in the workspace. Teaching children valuable skills such as Robotics, Programming, Design and Construction from a young age.

Country Day School

"The Country Day School in Costa Rica is an international school that offers a world-class academic program to students from 2 to 18 years old. With more than 750 students from 32 different nationalities and 200 faculty members that boast an impressive range of international teaching experience, the school is enriched by the wealth of its diverse and multicultural community." (CDS, 2022)

The school prepares students from a young age to achieve strong marks on the SAT's allowing them to study abroad. CDS also offers the MEP exams qualifying them both internationally and nationally. CDS accommodates for 20 Advanced Placement (AP) Courses allowing students to specialize and craft their own graduate diploma.

Educational Center ABC

Since 1999 ABC has formed the children and young adults of the Naranjo community. Its Mission Statement is: "Create a comprehensive learning environment based on neuroeducation and constructivism to form future citizens who practice self-respect as well as respect and support for their peers."

Throughout their secondary education, students will receive a TOEFL ITP certification supporting them in their further education. 

Math, Spanish, Social Studies, Civics, Chemistry, Physics, Music, Physical Education, Scientific Laboratories, and Computer Science are among the cognitive subjects covered by the student.

Around Naranjo 

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