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Costa Rica: A high standard of living!

Costa Rica as a small country in Central America, connects with Nicaragua and Panama and have the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean as neighbors that make a rich and diverse ecology, a variety of different ecosystems, like maintain rainforest, coastal forests, tropical lowlands and highlands that are call the Cordillera Central full of Volcanic Range also making part of several dry tropical forests. And if you are guessing… Yes, it’s easy to cross the country from Pacific to Atlantic in a day, around 180 miles, but there so many beautiful

places around, that you better take your time in every spot, the ecosystems make home to our flora and fauna making every area a hotspot for tourist.

While the biodiversity is truly amazing is under threat protection from human activity and the government has implemented several laws to maintain it, the country holds 5% of the existing biodiversity in the entire planet. Almost 26% of the country is composed of conservation and natural protected territory, worth enjoying.

Costa Rica has a million different species of birds and more than 500 species of mammals, the majority of these animals are nocturnal or shy, making them difficult to spot in the wild. Tourists come to Costa Rica to see and appreciate the wildlife that is easy to catch, just some of them are dangerous, no worries at all, its like wildlife know you're just a paparazzi not precisely their food!

Costa Rica counts with a high standard of living. The people are also known for their friendly and laid back attitude, they are proud of their natural heritage and want to make sure that future generations will be able to experience it for themselves. To ensure this, the government has created a number of nature reserves and protected areas throughout the country.

The government has also banned the use of pesticides and other chemical fertilizers on crops throughout the country, and has made educational programs to teach children about the importance on protecting the environment.

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